Break the Ice, Not the Bank

Break the Ice, Not the Bank

November 06, 2017

How many times have you googled “date ideas” or “inexpensive dates”. We saved you some time and made a list of some of the most popular date ideas in Utah and how much they cost.

Day Pass to Lagoon for two


Dinner for two at Olive Garden

Appx. $40

Comedy Sportz tickets for two

$20 online, $24 at the door

Bowling at Fat Cats


Wolf Em date night

Between $3.30 and $5.65


Let’s be honest. Dating can be a struggle. We all want to plan a date that is going to break the ice in a fun and different way but we all also want to plan a date that won’t break the bank.   Or maybe you aren’t a poor college student. Maybe you’re a mom looking for a fun activity to do with your kids or an outdoorsman trying to make better camping food. Whatever the situation Campfire Industries has your back.

With the Wolf'em Stick you can have a campout, dinner, dessert, and a great new experience together all at once. For those of you who do not know what a Wolf'em is here is a brief run down. Campfire Industries has created a new camping tool called the Wolf'em Stick.


You put biscuit dough on the end (or a hot dog on the roaster attachment!), crank it over a fire, and it creates a delicious biscuit cup that you can fill with whatever you’d like. With the Wolf'em Stick you can have a date that looks like this:

And why wouldn’t you want that?

First you start off with some biscuit dough.


You can get these at Walmart for $0.50

Next you’ll need to decide if want a sweet or a savory Wolf'em. If you decide on the sweet you’ll want to pick up some pudding.

A 4 pack is $1.65 at Walmart

Another option is to get pie filling.

Depending on what type of filling you get it will cost between $2.00 and $4.00

And, of course, you can’t forget the whipped cream!

You can grab a can of this for $1.15 at Walmart.

Not in the mood for something sweet? Grab some more biscuit dough and a can of chili.

This is $1.96 at Walmart.

Do yourself a favor. Go to, buy yourself a Wolf'em Stick, and go enjoy a date that is fun, delicious, and affordable.

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