Where can I get a Wolf'em Stick

We created the Wolf'em Stick for families and friends

Tanner and I love the outdoors. There is something about being outside that helps you disconnect with problems and technology and connect with each other. Tanner and I created the Wolf'em Stick, the World's best campfire roasting stick to motivate friends and families experience the magic of spending time around the campfire.

Here's where you can buy:

  1. Wolf'em Sticks are available on Amazon Prime 
  2. Wolf'em Bundles are on our website
  3. Wolf'em Sticks are available in select retailers:
  • Sportsman's Warehouse
  • IFA
  • Harmons
  • Recreation Outlet
  • And soon to be in all BSA Scout Shops

Here's what you get with each Wolf'em Stick

  • The Wolf 'em Attachment
  • The Safety Marshmallow/Hotdog Roasting Fork
  • The Dual Rotary Handles to Cook All Campfire Treats to Perfection

Is the allure of the World's best campfire roaster too strong to handle?


Use discount code LOVEWOLFEMS to receive 10% off your Wolf'em purchase today!