Where can I get a Wolf'em Stick

We created the Wolf'em Stick for families and friends

Tanner and I love the outdoors. There is something about being outside that helps you disconnect with problems and technology and connect with each other. Tanner and I created the Wolf'em Stick, the World's best campfire roasting stick to motivate friends and families experience the magic of spending time around the campfire.

Here's where you can buy:

  1. Wolf'em Sticks are available on Amazon Prime 
  2. Wolf'em Bundles are on our website
  3. Wolf'em Sticks are available in select retailers:
  • Sportsman's Warehouse
  • IFA
  • Harmons
  • Recreation Outlet
  • And soon to be in all BSA Scout Shops

Here's what you get with each Wolf'em Stick

  • The Wolf 'em Attachment
  • The Safety Marshmallow/Hotdog Roasting Fork
  • The Dual Rotary Handles to Cook All Campfire Treats to Perfection

Is the allure of the World's best campfire roaster too strong to handle?