Voted Best Camping Accessory/Tool

Perfect for BBQs, backyard fire pits, backpacking, family reunions, camps, & gifts

Rotary handle for an easy and fun roasting experience

Backwards facing cooking fork for a safe way of cooking and no more marshmallows falling into the fire

BONUS biscuit attachment for a NEW treat to cook around the fire!

The most fun you can have around a campfire

In addition to your s'mores, hot dogs and marshmallows


Cook BISCUITS over the fire with your WOLF'EM STICK® then fill the cooked BISCUIT CUP with anything you like to eat like pudding, pie filling, or savory fillings such as chili or taco meat.

#1 Camping Accessory: Marshmallow Roaster. Biscuit Roaster. Hot Dog Roasting Stick.

Wolf'em Stick best camping accessory tool biscuit and marshmallow roaster

Perfect for your next adventure!

Wrap any biscuit dough over the rounded cooking form.

Bake over a fire for a couple of minutes until golden brown.

Fill the cooked biscuit cup with pudding, pie filling.  Top with whipped cream

Best Campfire Craze Since S'mores!

"We found our Wolf’em Sticks 5 years ago and we have loved them ever since. When we have friends and family over, everyone wants to know where we got them. You guys have a great idea!  My favorite way to use them is to cook one biscuit from a can of biscuits, fill it with a couple pieces of banana, chocolate pudding and whipped cream on top. Yum! Wolf’em Sticks are so much fun!"     - Melissa Harris, Utah

Customer Testimonials

"One word to describe this product: AMAZING! Best camping accessory our family has ever owned!" Jen Sandler

"This is a great invention that the Pierson family will be using for years to come." - Lorisa Pierson, Marketing Manager, Trailer Life

"LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Easy to use and they make delicious meals and desserts" - Brigette Streeper

"Wolf'ems have added a new tradition to our camp outs!" - Laurel Summers

"What an amazing product! Well engineered and with quality materials. I have purchased lots of them for my family, friends and as a surprise." - Anita Preece

"This stick came straight from heaven." - ya boi

"The Mercedes of roasting marshmallows and dessert treats! Get one!" - M Sullivan

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"This is by far the most amazing thing that will be brought to any campfire."   R. Mixdorf, SLC Utah