FAQ about Wolf'ems

What is a Wolf’em?

Biscuit dough cooked over fire in the shape of a cup and filled with anything you like!

Why is it called a Wolf’em?

It is so tasty that you will Wolf’em them down!

How do you make a Wolf’em?

Place biscuit dough over the wooden cooking form, cook over a fire.     

Does the wood catch on fire?

No.  The wood is covered with the dough.  It is a hardwood. We have used our demo sticks hundreds of times.  The cooking form will blacken over time (where it is not covered with dough) but will not change the utility of the product.

Does the dough stick to the cooking head?

Not if you use cooking spray each time.

What kind of dough can I use to make a Wolf’em?

We like to use pop can biscuit dough.  Use the regular size (not grand). You can also make your own dough.  Can use pizza dough, pie crust, wonton wrappers, cinnamon roll dough, gluten free dough.

How long does it take to cook a Wolf’em?

3-5 minutes over wood fire, 4-6 minutes over propane (depending on wind conditions).

What can I put inside a cooked Wolf’em?

ANYTHING you like to eat!  40 different recipe ideas in the packaging

Do you have any recipe ideas?

Yes!  On our blog at wolfem.com we add new recipes every month.  We also have a Wolf’em Cookbook.

Who invented this product?

Two teenage brothers from South Jordan, Utah invented this product.

How did they come up with the idea?

Spencer & Tanner took an after school entrepreneurship class from YEA! Each participant in the class was asked to come up with a business idea and bring a product to market.  Spencer & Tanner are Eagle Scouts, love to cook in the outdoors and their cousins have been making Wolf'ems for years.  They thought this would be a great product to bring to market so that more people could have fun cooking in the outdoors.

Is there a patent on the product?

Yes!  Two issued patents.

Is there a trademark?

Yes!  Two trademarks:   Wolf’em and Bake’em . . .Fill’em . . . Wolf’em

Does anyone else make a Wolf’em Stick?

There are other biscuit roasters but NONE with rotary handle.

Where is this product made?

The first 15,000 units were made in South Jordan.  In order to keep up with demand, we now hire an offshore company to produce.

What is the warranty on the product?

Yes!  A lifetime guarantee

What type of materials is used in the product? 

Hardwood birch wood (treated with food grade mineral oil) is used for the cooking end.  Varnished wood for the handles. Stainless steel is used for the cooking rod