Celebrate March!

While you may think that St. Patrick’s Day is the only holiday in March, there are actually several holidays that are worth celebrating! Here are just a few to make sure you don’t miss them. 

National Pig Day- March 1st  

This holiday was invented in 1972 to celebrate the importance of pigs to humans. It is an excuse to eat all things that we get from pigs. Celebrate by using your Wolf’em stick to make a delicious bacon inspired cup or maybe a Wolf’em omelet with sausage.  

Dr. Seuss Day- March 2nd  

Dr. Seuss created many of our favorite children’s books and movies so why not celebrate his birthday! What many people don’t know is that Dr. Seuss started out as a cartoonist that drew political cartoons during World War 2. There are many ways to celebrate this day but be sure to include reading one of the fun, whimsical books that he is most known for in your celebration. 


National Oreo Day- March 6th 

Who knew there is a whole day to celebrate Oreos? Oreos were first created as a biscuit and over the years has undergone many interesting flavor choices to become the Oreos we know and love today.  Take a new spin on the traditional dirt cup dessert by using your Wolf’em to create a cup filled with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms to make the perfect bite sized Oreo treat.  

Napping Day- March 12th  

Napping day might be one of my favorite holidays. It started in 1999 to celebrate the Monday after Daylight Savings Time. The creators of this holiday decided that Americans needed to have a nap after losing an hour of their day. They also listed many of the health benefits of naps when they decided to start the holiday, including the fact that naps can improve performance by 34%. Don’t miss a chance for a little extra sleep by celebrating this holiday.  

Pi Day- March 14th 

This holiday is most widely celebrated by the math lovers among us. Pi is a mathematical constant whose first three number happen to be 3.14 making it land on March 14th every year. While some of you may not want to celebrate its mathematical meaning, this holiday is celebrated around the nation with pie! (The edible kind that we all know and love)  Bake up your own miniature pie with the Wolf’em stick by using a biscuit, your favorite pie filling, and a little bit of whipped cream. Yum! 

Waffle Day- March 25th  

While National Waffle Day in the United States usually falls on August 24th, other places around the world celebrate it on March 25th. Waffles seem like a good enough reason to celebrate this holiday twice! Did you know that the first waffle was actually created during the Middle Ages? This breakfast food is so popular that over 145 waffles a minute are sold in the U.S. Choose your favorite topping and indulge in this delicious breakfast treat.  

Celebrate March!