Grilled Gourmet Desserts

Grilled Gourmet Desserts

    Simple Grilled Gourmet Desserts are the buzz for this camping season. Grilling doesn’t have to end after your burgers, steaks and veggies are done. On your next outdoor adventure, try making one of these four simple, tasty gourmet desserts over your camping coals, or backyard grill. The goal is to be sure to try each of the desserts and decide for yourself which one is going to be your 2021 favorite Simple Gourmet Grilled Dessert!
    Stuffed Marshmallows. Start with your traditional jumbo marshmallow. Next, insert a small bit-sized candy bar in the middle of the marshmallow. Then, place the marshmallow on your favorite roasting stick and roast the marshmallow until it is golden brown. The candy will melt into the middle of the marshmallow and you will have a gooey, tasty, melted treat that everyone will enjoy!

    Wolf’em Biscuit Cup. It is said that freshed baked bread is one of the most satisfying smells there is. Here is a way you can experience that amazing homemade bread aroma while you are outdoors. Simply take any biscuit dough – we have used pop canned, homemade, gluten free or frozen dough – they all work great – and place a piece of the biscuit dough at the end of a wooden dowel attached to roasting stick (or a broom stick handle works too!) Cook the biscuit dough for just a couple of minutes rotating the dough so that it cooks evenly over the warm heat until the dough forms a cup and then fill the cooked biscuit cup with your favorite filling – pudding, pie filling, chili or stew. Be sure to savor the smell of fresh bread and then ‘wolf it down’ - that is why we call them Wolf’ems!

    Twisted ‘Smores. The next time you are craving a ‘smore – think outside the box and try a couple of these variations: Place your roasted marshmallow between two chocolate graham crackers and peanut butter . . . or . . . try placing the cooked marshmallow between cinnamon graham crackers and jelly . . . or . . . one of our very favorites is to add the cooked marshmallow to two round chocolate cookies and sliced bananas.

    Cone Concoction. Purchase a box of sugar ice cream cones (the brown pointy cones). Next, get some mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Then, take one sugar ice cream cone and layer the inside of the cone with marshmallows, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. Completely wrap the filled cone in tin foil and place the wrapped cone on the grill for 3 – 5 minutes – rotating over the heat every few minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the cone from the heat, take off the tin foil and then top the cone with whipped cream. You will want to get a photo of this gourmet dessert!

Wolf'ems are a camping treat the whole family loves to make and a unique twist to the traditional campfire cooking menu.  Check out the Wolf'em Stick marshmallow roaster and other accessories at


Grilled Gourmet Desserts including Wolf'em biscuit cups