New Vendor Set Up

Thank you for your interest in become a vendor for the Wolf'em Stick.  We are looking forward to working with you!

To order:  please email your Purchase Order to or you can order online by clicking on this link to Wholesale Pricing

The Wolf'em Stick adds variety and fun to your outdoor cooking experience.

Product Features include:

  • Rotary Handle. The Wolf’em Stick’s unique wooden rotary handle makes cooking over the fire fun, entertaining and easy.  No other roasting stick on the market has a rotisserie handle.  Once you try using this handle you will never use a ‘traditional’ roasting stick again.
  • Roasting Fork.  Unique to the Wolf’em Stick is our backwards facing roasting fork which keeps your marshmallows and hot dogs from falling into the fire -- no more wiener loss!
  • Biscuit Attachment.  Are you tired of s'mores and marshmallows?  Now you can roast biscuit cups that you can fill with anything you like to eat with the Wolf’em biscuit attachment.

How to make a Wolf’em

  • Spray wooden cooking head with non-stick cooking spray
  • Wrap biscuit dough
  • Bake over fire for 3-5 minutes
  • Fill with favorite filling (pudding, pie filling, chili, taco meat - anything/everything tastes great in a Wolf’em


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