Tips & Hints on how to use your Wolf'em Stick

For Best Results

  • Spray the wooden cooking form on the end of your Wolf ‘em Stick™ with a non-stick spray or lightly coat it with cooking oil every time you bake a Wolf’em™. This will ensure that the biscuit cup releases easily after it is baked.
  • Wrap biscuit dough over the end and side of the wooden cooking form. Canned biscuit dough can be purchased in the refrigerated section of your grocery store, or you can make your own.
  • Bake the biscuit cup over a fire or hot coals much like you would toast a marshmallow. Use the rotary handle to continuously turn the stick and evenly bake the entire surface of the biscuit cup.  Bake until dough is cooked through and the outside is golden brown.   When the biscuit is cooked, remove it by gently pulling it away from the cooking form using a napkin or paper towel to insulate your fingers from the warm biscuit cup.
  • Fill the Wolf’em™ with your favorite filling and toppings or coat the inside with a spread. Many people like dessert fillings such as pie filling, fruit or pudding topped with whipped cream. Also try filling your Wolf’em™ with savory fillings such as chili, stew, or eggs and bacon for snacks or meals.  Be creative—the possibilities are limitless.
  • Wolf ’em™ down! And then make another!

Tips & Tricks

  • For quick and easy outdoor treats, use ready-made biscuit dough from the refrigerated section of your grocery store. While you are at the store, pick up snack-size pudding, canned pie filling, canned whipped cream, or other ready-made fillings to have an instant Wolf’em™ party!
  • The wooden cooking form has been sized to work perfectly with a single piece of biscuit dough in the regular (small) size cans. Large or “grand” size biscuit dough pieces can also be used, but they will need to be cut in half to be the right size to cover the cooking form and bake through properly. 
  • We have found that the easiest way to wrap the dough onto the cooking form is to place a round piece of dough centered on the end of the form and press it with the flat of your hand to the desired thickness. Then squeeze the dough hanging over the edge of the form down and around the side of the form until it is evenly covered with dough.  You can gently stretch and pinch the dough together to close any gaps where the dough doesn’t cover the side of the form.
  • As you bake your Wolf’em™ biscuit cup, the dough will usually pull back slightly at the open end of the cup. The edge of the wooden cooking form that is exposed to heat when this happens will also darken in color as you use the
  • stick. This is perfectly normal and will not cause problems.

Occasionally, steam released from the baking dough will begin to push the Wolf’em™ biscuit cup off of the wooden cooking form before it is completely baked.  You can gently press it back in place on the form using a napkin or paper towel to insulate your fingers and then finish baking your Wolf’em™.