What our customers are saying about The Wolf'em Stick

Wolf'ems are great fun to make!  This is the BEST IDEA EVER!  A really tasty treat!  Really an ingenious idea!
                                                                                 Bob and Sally Cluff, San Antonio, Texas
We tried out our Wolf'em Stick and had a blast!  The Wolf'ems were delicious and the sticks worked out perfectly.  Our roasting experience has reached a new high! 
                                                                                  Sarah Billings, San Clemete, Calfiornia

We took our Wolf'em Sticks with us on a recent camping trip and they were a huge hit!  Wolf'em Sticks are a MUST have for all those who love to cook over a campfire!  
                                                                                   Brent Hollingsworth, Boise, Idaho