Who We Are

We created the Wolf'em Stick for families and friends

Tanner and I love the outdoors. There is something about being outside that helps you disconnect with problems and technology and connect with each other. Tanner and I created the Wolf'em Stick, the World's best campfire roasting stick to motivate friends and families experience the magic of spending time around the campfire.

Our Story

Tanner and I have spent almost every waking moment together. Like most boys, we spent a lot of time playing outside. This started our love for the outdoors. This trend continued as we became teenagers. We took every chance we got to be outside whether it was playing soccer, skiing, hiking, or scouting.

Tanner and I got our start in entrepreneurship while we were in middle school. In an afterschool class, we were challenged to find something we are passionate about and make it better.

Tanner and I were on our way to becoming Eagle Scouts. We could both agree that our highlights of scouting were spending time around the fire with our friends. We wanted to take something we already loved and make it better in two ways:

  1. We wanted to add variety to campfire cooking. If you think about it S'mores are probably the only 5-minute campfire treat you can think of. We have changed this with the Wolf'em Stick. The genius of Wolf'ems is that you can fill them with what you want. Try anything you have on hand: Cherry pie filling, Nutella, chilli, etc.
  2. We wanted to make campfire cooking easier, so we added our signature rotary handles to the Wolf'em Stick.

S'mores lovers, don't worry! The Wolf'em Stick includes a roasting fork attachment. You still get the amazing rotary handles to make that next golden brown mallow.


Our Craziest Experiences

Tanner and I have been running our business for almost five years. It may have started as a class project, but it is now our full-time job. We are proud to have sold over 40,000 Wolf'em Sticks over the years.

In our first year of business, our business plan placed second in the National Saunder's Scholarship Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Competition. As part of the prize, we got to meet two of the Sharks on Shark Tank and Tom Donahue.

In our third year of business, we were invited to speak to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about how to promote entrepreneurship in teens. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce ended up giving our start-up a grant!

This past month, Tanner and I had the opportunity to be on Home Shopping Network and present our product live to millions of people!

Thank you for your support and for helping us achieve our dreams of owning our own company!

Here's what you get with each Wolf'em Stick

  • The Wolf 'em Attachment
  • The Safety Marshmallow/Hotdog Roasting Fork
  • The Dual Rotary Handles - cooks all campfire treats to perfection

Is the allure of owning the World's Best Campfire Roaster too strong to handle?