Fabulous Family Reunion Activity . . . Wolf'ems!

 Are you looking for a family reunion activity that is inexpensive, entertaining, tasty, perfect for all ages?  Your search is OVER!   Wolf'ems are the family reunion activity everyone will be talking about LONG after the reunion is over!

Wolf'ems are a campfire treat that everyone will love!  Simply take biscuit dough (Bisquick, pop can biscuits found in the refrigerator section of your store or homemade dough) and place the dough at the end of the wooden cooking form of your Wolf'em Stick.  Cook the biscuit for just a few minutes until golden brown and then . . . wait for it . . . you have the BEST cooked bread cup on the planet! 

Now is the fun part . . . fill the biscuit cup with ANYTHING that sounds good:  pudding, pie filling, whipped cream, berries, ice cream, marshmallow creme, Nutella, OR stew, chili, taco meat, soup, chicken and rice, macaroni and cheese - ANYTHING!  and the BEST part is . . . no bowls to clean up!  Everyone at your reunion gets to make their own "masterpiece" and eat whatever sounds good!

Your Wolf'em Stick investment will pay dividends in fun and memories! 

You can even toast marshmallows and hot dogs using your Wolf'em Stick!  https://www.wolfem.com/collections/wolf-em-sticks

Making Wolf'ems is a great activity for family reunions